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VZ Tree Care offers Tree Services services in Arlington VA.

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Ever since I was a child, I’ve always been a fan of gardens and meadows. I will never forget the day I saw the 1993 film “The Secret Garden” — it made me want a garden of my own. Well, for the benefit of those who haven’t seen that film yet, allow me to share the trailer (so nobody gets left behind): Any girl would want to live in a fairytale land such as a secret garden. A garden locked up with walls that are so high, that harsh realities could not get inside and pollute the beauty of the garden inside. Well, so much for daydreaming and let’s head back to reality. Now that I’m all grown up, my passion for gardening has not been lessened at all. I still love flowers to bits, and although I don’t dream of having my very own secret garden anymore, I still love to maintain my own garden at home. Flowers are easier to tend than trees, I’d have to admit. But what good is a garden, without even a single trunk of tree to go with it. I prefer to let professionals take charge when it comes to my tree care. Nowadays, I also enjoy visiting places that have picture-perfect-scenarios. The Secret Garden of Virginia gives us good ways on how to spend a 3-day tour in the region. Starting with a beautiful garden in Mount Vernon, which was designed by Former President George Washington himself. If 3 days simply isn’t enough for you, Virginia.com lists down a wide array of Virginia Gardens that are perfect for you and your family to visit. Now if you’re thinking of making gardening into your own personal habit, then perhaps joining the Garden Club of Fairfax would be a perfect thing to do now. That way, you’ll get a good head start with your home garden and lawn maintenance. The post Real-Life Secret Garden appeared first on https://fairfax.genesistreeservice.net.

The art tree planting and caring is brought into miniature size when bonsai trees were introduced. Over 1000 years ago, this unique way of gardening was first introduced in China, then later was adapted in Japan. “Bonsai” is a Japanese pronunciation of the earlier Chinese term penzai, it is an art form using miniature trees grown in containers. Most people do not know this, but growing bonsai plants in your home could prove to be beneficial to your health. According to Methods of Healing: Other than the fact that these trees are simply beautiful they also offer many other benefits beyond splendor. There is deep philosophy in the spiritual dimension of the art as the grower. With that being said, it is a relaxing hobby. The process brings a Zen state of mind. As you trim, prune, re pot, water, and so on, it takes your mind elsewhere and allows you to focus on these simple tasks. Since patience is also a requirement of the grower, this much needed virtue is certainly tested throughout the Bonsai growing process. Now if you’re already a fan of these midget trees, then you’d definitely agree that they are indeed not just beautiful to look at but they can also bring a lot of good fortune for you (not just lucky fortune, but monetary fortune as well). Interested to know more? Profitable Plant Digest shares How to Make Money with Small Trees: Mature bonsai plants from her (Pauline’s) personal collection are sold at her studio and online for prices ranging from $180 to $1,200. Like Pauline, thousands of bonsai enthusiasts have learned how to make money growing these tiny trees. Since these tiny trees don’t take up so much space, they are considered the perfect indoor ornaments. AllThingsBonsai shares that “The best rooms to keep indoor bonsai (are in the) kitchens and bathrooms.” Having green plants indoor can really add a lot of aesthetic appeal to your home, it allows you to experience the comfort of staying indoor while enjoying the fresh garden-like scenario. If you have never tried tending bonsai before and you feel the sudden interest to have one, perhaps reading the article Things to Consider Before Buying Your Fist Bonsai would help you a lot. ProFlowers shares 5 simple tips to maintain the care for your bonsai trees, which consists of the following things to consider: Water and Humidity Soil Housing Your Bonsai Pruning Light This video by GrahamWPotter shows us just how bonsai trees can be transformed from being “the ugliest” tree to being a “beautiful bonsai”: The post Beautiful Bonsai appeared first on https://fairfax.genesistreeservice.net.

Childhood will never be the same when one gets the privilege of having his/her own treehouse. The limitless fun a child could have in this magical place is priceless. It takes a lot of imagination and hard work to make a dream treehouse come true. Treeforts are not limited for children alone, it could also be a fun place for any adult, especially those who wants to take a relaxing break and get a closer encounter with nature. If only everyone could, I guess everybody would build a treehouse in their yard. Who wouldn’t want to have a simple sanctuary that will allow them to escape the hustle and bustle of our daily routine? Well, before you start making your own treehouse, allow me to point out some important tips on how to start things right in building you treehouse. First and foremost, we have to consider some laws that govern treehouse construction. Here in Fairfax county, an online local government website shares this useful information: Tree Houses Under the Zoning Ordinance, a tree house is an accessory structure and subject to the following regulations. A tree house is not permitted in a required front yard, and in general, a tree house may be located in any part of any side or rear yard—if it doesn’t exceed seven feet in height. If the tree house exceeds seven feet in height, it must be setback at a distance equal to its height from the rear lot line and a distance equal to the side yard setback from the side lot line. (As an example, a 15-foot tall tree house that’s located on a property with a 12-foot minimum required side yard must be setback at least 15 feet from the rear lot line and at least 12 feet from the side lot line.) The height of the tree house is measured from the highest point of the house to the lowest point of the finished ground adjacent to the tree house. Building permits are not required for tree houses or other playground equipment, but the Zoning Ordinance limits the size of tree houses and other types of children’s playhouses to 100 square feet in area. Right from the start, it’s better to be sure that you’re not breaking any law because it would be heart-breaking if you impulsively build a treehouse only to be forced by authorities to shut it down because it did not confine with the regulations. If your “blueprint” parallels that of the local government’s specifications, then the next step you need would be to study this step-by-step guide in building your treehouse. Of course, as predicted, the first step would be to choose a tree fitted to take on the role in being your fort’s foundation. It would take a healthy tree to make a good treehouse. A professional arborist can be hired to help you choose a suitable tree that is healthy enough to take on the role. In turn, the tree you chose must be kept in good condition to give a good support of your treehouse. Always remember: Don’t Restrict Tree Growth. Building treehouses should never cause any harm to the tree it is built in. Always make sure that your tree(s) is/are well-taken cared of to ensure that your treehouse will be safe for your children to climb and play around with. Whatever the size or the shape of your dream treehouse(s) is/are, you have to keep this Treehouse Guide in mind: Whatever your reason for building a treehouse, it must be strong and safe. You need the right tree and capable materials. The house must respect the tree, allowing it to move in the wind and to grow with minimal restriction. This video below shares a family’s first-hand experience on how they built their dream treehouse on a summer break: The post Build Your Dream Treehouse appeared first on https://fairfax.genesistreeservice.net.

You may think that owning a tree is as easy as one-two-tree (I mean, three). A Chinese Proverb once said: The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now. Well, before you start digging a hole and planting your seedlings today, make sure you know your rights and responsibilities as a tree owner. According to FindLaw, in one of their discussions entitled Conflicts Involving Trees and Neighbors: Landowners are responsible for maintaining the trees on their property. Legally, they have two duties: make reasonable inspections and take care to ensure the tree is safe. Therefore, if a reasonable inspection shows that the tree could be dangerous, your neighbor is responsible for the tree removal. If your neighbor does not remove the dangerous tree, and the tree does in fact cause damage, your neighbor can be held liable. The article lists some common questions that may arise between neighbors disputing about a tree, and to mention a few important points about the topic: You have the right to trim your neighbor’s tree branches that extend past the property line. Take extra precaution though because if you accidentally damage, destroy or harm the tree, it may cost you up to $60,000 depending on its replacement value. Hire a professional tree trimming expert to avoid such sky-rocketing expenses. So how do we know who owns the tree and who holds the responsibility for it? Cestria: Trees are the property of the owner of the land on which they grow. . . Common law does not require tree owners to prune or maintain their trees – even if they are dangerous. It just places the liability on them should someone suffer damage if they fail to do so. As a dangerous tree could cause a lot of damage, prevention is better than allocating blame. According to AgriLife.org: Naturally occurring trees are also generally the responsibility of the owner of the land on which they grow. The level of responsibility is determined by the context. A tree growing in a residential neighborhood would require more duty of care than a tree in a more rural setting. Gardening may be a task taken lightly by most people. It’s like a walk in the park for others but it is nice to know that a tree entails not just a lot of fruits (pleasures) but also a lot of falling leaves (responsibilities). Tree maintenance is relatively not easy especially if you are not an experienced gardener. Our friendly and well-experienced professional arborists are available to assist you with your tree care service needs. The post Tree Owners’ Rights And Responsibilities appeared first on https://fairfax.genesistreeservice.net.

Our home is likely the biggest investment we have, and it would be tragic to see it being devoured inside-out by pesky pests such as termites. These creepy crawling insects love to thrive in dark and damp materials. Their diet consists mainly of cellulose; which happens to be the primary component of timber. Commonly, houses are built in wood or any combination of it. Making your sweet home very appealing to termites. Now before you panic, read through this article and learn that these pests are not an all-time champion and that you can still win over these home invaders. Sun Tzu, author of the book “Art of War” said: If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle. Fast Facts About Termites Ants are termites main predator. Ants can attack termite colonies or termite workers looking for food. Since termites live in dark places and many of them are blind, termites communicate through pheromones (chemical signals) and vibrations caused by head-banging. In the U.S., subterranean termites cause more damage than dry-wood and damp-wood termites. Formosan termites, a species of subterranean termite, are responsible for the greatest amount of damage in the U.S. (Source) Area of Distribution: The Eastern subterranean termite is the most common and widely distributed termite in the USA, commonly found from southern Ontario, in all Eastern states of the USA including Texas. In the state of Virginia, Fairfax is included in the list of high risk areas. (Source) Prevention Is Better Than Cure According to a DoItYourSelf article about Termite Prevention, there are 3 things that attract termite the most: Water, Soil, and Wood. The article names 12 effective ways of preventing these pesky pests from infesting your house. Number 8 discusses about removing the “root” of the problem: Remove any dead trees, old stumps, or roots in your yard. As these items decay, they attract termites to the area by providing a food source. When the food is gone, the termite colony will look for new sources of food. This includes your house. Don’t forget to let Professional Tree Removers do the work for you, to avoid doing further damage to your pest problems. Better Late Then Never If in any case, termites have already found their way into your house, watch this video entitled How to Get Rid of Termites to give you 5 steps on how to terminate termites. Digging the Root of The Problem Experts say that having woods near your property would likely increase the chance of termites finding their way into your home. Therefore, to prevent this problem, avoid keeping diseased, damaged, or old trees in your backyard. Contact your local Fairfax Genesis Tree Service Provider now to give you expert advice about the state of your backyard trees and to help you decide whether or not tree removal or tree treatment is necessary. The post Terminate Termites appeared first on https://fairfax.genesistreeservice.net.