Zappenin Custom Lists

"Free custom lists for your website"

Often websites provide lists of businesses or organizations as a resource for their visitors. 

Some examples:

  • A bed & breakfast has a list of the nearest restaurants for its guests
  • A local museum promoting its top donors
  • A hospital giving local lodging options, restaurants, pharmacies & more for patients & visitors
  • A wedding venue with a list of its preferred photographers, caterers & planners

The challenge is that the website owner must develop the page and content in a way that is actually useful for its users.  If the list changes (as it always does), the page must be edited... or deal with it being out-of-date.

Zappenin Custom Lists are mobile-friendly web pages that display a custom list of businesses & organizations on a custom URL.  These lists can be added as resources on a website, shared via social media, placed in emails and many other uses. 

The best part is that they are free.  Zappenin does the work to develop per your instructions.

Need a Custom List?  Simply use our Contact Us form and tell us the details.  We'll contact you back with any clarifications, quickly create your custom page and send you the link.



Here is a live example of a Custom List page created for Nationwide Children's Hospital in Columbus, Ohio.  (Click image to see live page.)