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Granville, Ohio is a quaint, New England-style village located in central Ohio about 15 miles east of the Columbus metro area. It is also the home of Denison University. Granville has kept its small town charm & vibrant downtown. It's characterized by quaint, locally-owned retail shops, historic homes and churches, tree-lined boulevards, and stately buildings located on Denison's College Hill. Granville values its ties to the past, preserving its heritage through the establishment of an historic district that includes the Granville downtown business area. Over 100 buildings are listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Granville has a variety of dining and lodging opportunities available for both residents and visitors alike.

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The Morel mushrooms have arrived! The Ohio Morel season was not very good however 20 lbs. of these beautifull mushrooms just arrived at the Inn from Michigan. There is sure to be some amazing, not to miss specials all weekend.

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Robbins Hunter Museum
The first question in my son's political trivia competition at college in Washington, D.C. (You're not from Granville if you don't know the answer to this.)

Raccoon Park this afternoon after a little rain last night.
Raccoon Park this afternoon after a little rain last night.

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Today’s proof that we love you: At Mai Chau and Three Tigers we try to be in tune with the needs of our customer. Since day 1 we have taken pride in serving a healthy and delicious product. Until TODAY our peanut sauce had a minute amount of gluten in it. While it was typically okay for those with slight sensitivity and those who were making dietary decisions to reduce gluten, our guests with severe gluten allergy or celiac were unable to enjoy our peanut sauce on their bowls or with their summer rolls. Good news! Drew has reworked our peanut sauce so that it is now TOTALLY gluten free. And guess what, we think it tastes even better!! Come tell us what you think!

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The James Store is in the final days of its physical retail location- will be closing by the end of February. Everything is 70% off. Stop in soon or miss your chance to pick up something from this Granville icon!
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