Creative Resolutions


Creative Resolutions

Why you’re here.

You are here likely because you’re thinking about the fact that you’d like help resolving a conflict you’re facing. You don’t want to need help, but you think that you probably could use it.

You may be in the midst or aftermath of a divorce, or your personal life dynamics have changed dramatically. You may be stuck in conflict with your spouse or life partner, or your children are driving you crazy. Perhaps you are dealing with a difficult workplace, or your family business is threatening to fall apart because of conflict among family members. In any of these scenarios, it’s common to feel overwhelmed by the situation around you.

The best way to describe my job as a professional mediator is to say that Judith helps maximize your chances of settling a dispute and creating a more positive path forward for yourself and those with whom you want or need to continue a relationship.

This is why she's here.

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