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Your #1 Security Choice for the Central Valley!

Safety and Security Tips for Rural Living! Is your home or property more vulnerable if you live in a rural area? Many people think that those who live in cities and highly populated areas are the only people at risk of having their home burglarized. Think again! Rural homes are just as likely to become a target. Many rural homes have larger properties with sheds, shops or other extra buildings that may be hard to watch over and keep an eye on at night or during the day. Not to mention in many cases neighbors are further away, therefore they are unable to keep an eye out for suspicious activity or would be intruders. Rural burglars are becoming smarter and using the environment and surrounding to gain entry on to the property undetected. They have recently been known to enter through vineyards and orchards on back roads instead of entering from the front of the property. Sheriff departments often cover very large geographical areas, which could result in lengthy response times, and burglars know it. It is important to take certain steps in order to reduce the threat of your home becoming a target. Here are a dozen safety and security tips for rural living: 1. Know your neighbors! They might not be in direct line of site of your home or property but they usually have a good idea of who does and doesn’t belong in the area. They may see a car that doesn’t quite fit and can report any suspicious activity. 2. Fencing, Gates, and Locks! Make sure your property has the appearance that it is highly secured and that it would be very difficult to get into without a lot of work and the threat of being detected. Make sure any shops or sheds appear highly reinforced with metal brackets, locks, and chains. 3. Know your property! Walk you property, large or small, and know every way in our out. Does it back up to an orchard or vineyard? If so, where are the dirt roads leading in and out of the area. Are there fences, chains or cables restricting access down those dirt roads? Would the farmers be willing to put up some type of barrier? 4. Signs! Signs! Signs! Signs on your fences and gates, front and back are a great deterrent. (Alarm Company signs, Beware of Dog signs, Beware of Owner signs, CCTV Camera signs.) 5. Alarm and Camera Systems! Be sure to have doors and windows alarmed with motion detectors placed in key areas to detect an intruder. Set it up so you receive text alerts on your phone when an alarm occurs and install cameras that you can also view on your smart phone when you are away. 6. Install detection devices in your driveway and any other entrance areas, so you can be alerted when someone enters the property. If possible, set up these devices to text you too. You typically know when someone should and shouldn’t be at your home. 7. Lights! Outdoor motion lights are helpful to detect motion around your buildings and can even scare away would be intruders. When away from home, leave on a TV or radio in the home so it sounds as if it is still occupied. Timers can also be used on interior and exterior lights to give the appearance that someone is home. 8. Out of Sight! Don’t leave anything of value out in plain sight of a passer-by. (Tractors, mowers, chain saws, tools, etc.) Be sure they are stored in a locked shed or shop so they do not present an attractive target. 9. Guard Animals! Loud barking dogs can be a great deterrent. The dog does not need to be vicious as a vicious dog could be a liability if it were to bite someone. Even farm animals like cows, sheep, donkeys, or a flock of geese can be a deterrent. Many people do not want to enter an area with farm animals that have uncertain temperaments. Burglars do not like anything that makes noise which could draw attention their way. 10. Appear Occupied! Burglars do not want to get caught therefore they typically burglarize homes that are not occupied. If your home gives off the appearance that someone may be home, the burglar will most often find a different target. 11. Be Involved! Know what’s going on in your neighborhood and community. Rural burglars may survey areas which can become burglary hot-spots, if there are lots of easy targets. Join or start a neighborhood watch and share information with neighbors. Scan police/sheriff reports in your local paper or on-line if they are available. Social media is also a great way to get information about what is going on in and around your area. If you know what types of crimes are happening in and around your area, you can be better prepared. If you know what suspicious vehicles were seen around the time of a previous burglary, you can keep an eye out for them and notify authorities if they return. 12. Have a Plan! In the event of an emergency, an intruder, or a fire, you need to have a plan of action because every second counts. Living in a rural area often means that the authorities and emergency personnel may take a while to respond. It is important to plan out different scenarios and be ready to execute them in the event something occurs. Have a trusted neighbor that you can go to or that can come to you, in the event of an emergency. If an intruder comes onto your property in the middle of the night, what are you going to do? It is important to plan for these situations. Hopefully it never happens, but if it were to happen, you may not have time to think up a plan. Know your emergency plans and make sure that everyone in the family is aware and on the same page. Hopefully these rural safety and security tips are helpful. If you are in need of an alarm or camera system, Alamo Alarm Company can definitely help. We are a local security company which has been in business over 36 years. Our alarm systems have great features for rural homes. Receive text and/or email alerts when your alarm system is armed or disarmed, when there is a power outage, or when the alarm is tripped. You can even set devices to text and/or email you each time they are opened and closed, like outdoor gates, gun closets, liquor cabinets, jewelry boxes, etc. Get a text or email alert every time a front gate, shop door, or shed door is opened. We can even put asset protection devices on large equipment which can set off an alarm or send you a text when a tractor, ATV, or mower is moved from its location. Know what’s happening in your home, even when you are away! Inquire about Alamo Video Witness ~ State-of-the-art real time video monitoring, our central station operators can see what set off the alarm. Call Today – (209)-369-7749

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We were just broken into on Armstrong Rd between Micke Grove Road and 99. I came home to the alarms blaring. They had a 15 minute window between when my husband drove off and I drove in which makes me think they were watching. Please tell me if you saw any suspicious person or people on Armstrong around 1:30-1:45. We are safe and all is secure. The sheriffs said when it gets warm, they come out. Keep your eyes open. THANK YOU Alamo Alarms !!!

Spring Cleaning – Home Security and Safety Tips ~Courtesy of Alamo Alarm Company, Inc. Spring time is here and nice warm weather is sure to follow. While many people spend time in their gardens or working on home improvement projects, it’s also a good time to review the security of your home. Home burglaries typically increase during the warmer months. Burglars don’t particularly like to go out in the rain and wind, and it looks more suspicious when someone in walking around or riding a bike through a neighborhood during a storm. Here are a few spring cleaning security and safety tips! 1. Replace the batteries in your home smoke detectors. It is a good idea to the replace the batteries in your home smoke detectors annually. It is also a good way to avoid that 2 am beep in the night. While you are at it, you should clean out your smoke detectors with some canned air or a vacuum. They can collect dust throughout the year which could result in a false alarm. 2. Replace the batteries in your Carbon Monoxide Detectors. While you are replacing batteries, it is a good time to replace the batteries in your CO2 detectors and test them to ensure they are working properly. 3. Replace outside light bulbs. Check all of your outside lights, including motion lights, to make sure the bulbs are working and replace any bulbs which are bad. 4. Check all of your door and window locks. The rainy weather can cause doors and windows to warp, resulting in locks that do not latch properly to secure the opening. Go around the house and make sure that each lock does its job properly. We also recommend putting a wooden dowel in the track of your window or sliding door making it more difficult for a would-be burglar to open. Be sure to cut the dowel a few inches shorter than the track, so it would be enough to set off the alarm, but no enough for them to reach their arm through. 5. Trim back any overgrown bushes or trees. Keep trees and bushes trimmed back so they do not create hiding spots for would be burglars. Large bushes or trees in front of windows can also provide cover for burglars as they break into your home. 6. Keep your garage door closed. Avoid leaving your garage roll-up door open for extended periods of time. It advertises to a burglar scoping out the area what belongings are available to steal. 7. Don’t tell the world that you are going on vacation. Social media is great for sharing vacation photos or letting friends and family know that you are going on vacation, but it may not only be friends seeing these posts and photos. Try to refrain from sharing photos until after you return. 8. Plan carefully before leaving on vacation. Attempt to make your home appear occupied. Make sure the lawn is mowed, double check that every door and window is securely locked, use timers on lights (don’t leave exterior lights on all day), have newspapers picked up by a neighbor or friend, try to park a car in the driveway, and make sure that your security alarm is armed! Research studies show that a burglar is less likely to break into a home that appears occupied. 9. Show off your security signs and decals. Make sure that your security alarm signs and decals look are in still in good condition after the winter. Signs and decals are a huge deterrent for would be burglars. In fact, research studies show that you are 300-400% less likely to have a burglary if you have a security alarm system. Burglars don’t want to get caught or draw attention to them, they would much rather attack an easier target, like a home without a security alarm system. If your signs or decals look worn or weathered, contact your security company about getting some new ones! Hopefully these tips are helpful. Please pass them on to a friend or family member. Anyone interested in getting a security alarm or camera system, please contact Alamo Alarm Company at 209-369-7749 or inquire via our website at . Also check out the "Education Center" on our website for more "Crime Prevention Tips" and "Simple and Inexpensive Ways to Protect your Home from Burglars!" Thank you and Stay Safe!! ~Alamo Alarm Company