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Farsight Management Inc

Farsight Management provides services to assess and remove a variety of environmental concerns in both residential and commercial buildings. Our highly trained personnel addresses mold, lead paint, and asbestos conditions. We treat our clients like family, our prices are competitive and our work meets all industry standards.

We also provide lead-based paint assessments for public housing and complete Clearance testing for the future occupancy of a residence after lead-based paint is stabilized or removed.

Farsight Management completes Risk Assessments to determine how a person has ingested dangerous amounts of lead. We assess potential lead based paint hazards for Real Estate Agents and homeowners.

We also provide asbestos surveys and Operations & Maintenance Plans for public schools, businesses and residential homes. We also provide oversight for asbestos projects during demolition and asbestos testing.

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I spoke with a person yesterday that you will encounter many times in your business. She asked for indoor air quality testing. Do you immediately tell her the cost and method of collection? I don't; I ask about the water damage history of her property. I tell her the first step is to visually evaluate the home for growth and if I find anything, they, or we, safely remove it and see if that solved their respiratory issues. If you find mold growth in the home, you do not collect IAQ samples. If you are not going to court, or there is a doctor involved, how will you use the information.? The laboratory data will not change the method of removing the mold growth or whether or not you do it. Samples are collected when you cannot find the reservoir of growth, but the clients are describing classic symptoms. If the professional organization (or association) requires you to collect samples, remember that it is better to collect tape lift samples if you find growth colonies. Collecting air samples when you see growth is making the assumption that what you see on the surface is going to be represented in the air sample. This may not be true. Collect tape lifts and you will be sampling what you see. I bet in the 400 inspections I do in a year, I collect maybe a dozen IAQ samples. Learn how to do a good visual inspection. Dont waste your clients money because you are not sure what to do (then the other elephant in the room is, Do you know how to interpret the laboratory data you obtain? or do you just hand over the laboratory report and think your job is done?). Invest in your education. I start in the attic and work down to the basement or crawl space. Take your time and think as you look.

I went to a home today that I have seen many times but never mentioned it. There was a steep slope that lead down to the foundation of the house. Often there is either a french drain or a concrete slab that diverts the water away from the foundation. However, if these dont work, water will pool against the foundation. In this situation you must evaluate the moisture content of that wall against the slope. If it is finished, sometimes you must open the cavity even if you get just a slight simpton of there being a problem. Pay attention to the slope of the earth around the home. It will route water toward or away from the foundation of a home, which is critical construction component to consider.

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We were called in by a builder because they opened a wall cavity and found LOTS of mold growth in the cavity. When I went to the property, the walls and floor were saturated. I also noticed that it was a raised floor on furring strips. I could not see the cause of the water, but there was a toilet, vanity, and shower/tub in the bathroom. After we demolitioned the building matierials, we found a water pipe to the vanity that had frozed and split. My point in this story is sometimes you are not going to know why building materials are wet until you peel away some of the layers and see what is going on. If you choose to do this, remember that you cannot allow what is inside the wall cavity to migrate into the home, so you need to build a shell or a barrier around where you expect to work. After you are done, you then need to clean the inside of the work area with soap and water two or three times. Who would have known that a pipe froze? The importance of knowing the cause, is that a crack in the foundation would not have been covered by homeowner insurance, but a frozen pipe almost always is. In your business you must find a level of comfort in how far you can help your client. Develop a daytimer of people that can help you with projects.

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