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FROM THE PASTOR’S DESK ~ Dr. Mike Holloway January 1, 2017 “It seemed like a good idea at the time.” That is a familiar statement usually used to explain what is now seen as a very bad idea. And that brings to mind the United Nations, which was created on this day in 1942. While it might have been created with the best of intentions (preventing war), it has become a first-class mess. In relation to its primary function of producing peace, it has done nothing to stop terrorism. When an Israeli airliner was hijacked in 1968, modern terrorism was begun. The UN’s response then was the same as now: they condemned it, but nothing more. The UN has continued to expand its role outside of peacekeeping. The UN Population Fund promotes forced abortions and sterilization programs. The administrations of Presidents Reagan, HW Bush, and George Bush chose to withhold funding on moral grounds. The UN was actually created by FDR as a result of WW II, and is financially supported by member nations paying annual dues. The UN assigns each nation with a percentage of its budget that must be paid. The United States is required to pay twenty-two percent, which is more than double that of any other nation. And in return, the UN as a whole treats us more like an enemy. In 1967, it was Nixon’s UN ambassador who made the following observation about the UN security counsel: “It more closely resembles the mugging of the U.S.” Not only is the UN biased against the U.S., but also against Israel. The UN Secretary-General once admitted that there was, in fact, a bias against Israel in the UN, but he later retracted his statement. UN documents from the 1970s and 1980s provide documentation of anti-Semitism, such as claims that denied the existence of Jews, Israel’s ancient history, and even the Holocaust. At this point, there are probably many who are wondering why we are still involved with the UN when it has become a haven of anti-U.S. sentiment? Perhaps this will be the year when we have the leadership that is willing to make a break with an idea that is not just obsolete, but with an organization that is bent on opposing the very people God has chosen to bless.

FROM THE PASTOR’S DESK ~ Dr. Mike Holloway December 25, 2016 Merry Christmas, and I hope you enjoy a list of little-known facts about Christmas. (1) All letters in the U.S. that are addressed to Santa Claus are sent to Santa Claus, Indiana! The town was originally named Santa Fe, but when they requested a Post Office, they were told to pick another name because there was already a Santa Fe, IN. That is when they chose the name Santa Claus for their town. (2) In the country of Peru, there exists a Christmas tradition of fist-fighting. If there is an outstanding grudge between two men, young or old, it is settled on Christmas so they can begin the new year with a clean slate. (3) A large part of Sweden’s population have a Christmas tradition of watching Donald Duck cartoons, and have done so since 1960. (4) In 2010, the country of Colombia decorated some of their trees in the jungle with Christmas lights. When a terrorist would walk by the tree, the lights would come on and a banner could be read asking them to lay down their arms. Over three hundred did so and reentered society. (5) Many of the most famous Christmas songs (“I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas”, “Winter Wonderland”, etc.) were written by Jewish songwriters. (6) During WW I, an unplanned, informal truce was begun on Christmas morning between the British and the Germans. They exchanged gifts and even played a football game before resuming the fighting on the next day. (7) Nazi Germany tried to transform Christmas into a celebration of the coming of Hitler, with swastikas placed on top of Christmas trees. (8) During WW II, all POWs in Germany were given a deck of playing cards made in America, for Christmas. When they got wet, they revealed an escape route, which was never detected by the Germans. (9) Japan has a Christmas tradition of eating KFC fried chicken, which was begun with an advertising campaign forty years ago. So much chicken is eaten on Christmas, that it requires an order to be placed two months in advance. An even better tradition would be to celebrate the life and teachings of Christ every day of the year instead of just on December 25.

FROM THE PASTOR’S DESK ~ Dr. Mike Holloway December 11, 2016 Different from the world! That is what a Christian is supposed to be. On this day in 1620, 103 Pilgrims landed in the New World at a place that came to be known as Plymouth Rock, MA. So who were these Pilgrims? They, like the Puritans, had once belonged to the Church of England. But unlike the Puritans, who felt the church could be reformed, the Pilgrims believed their only solution was to separate themselves from the corruption of England’s official church, and to go it alone. The Puritans quit the Church of England and were forced to flee to Holland and the Netherlands where their views were more tolerated. But there, they encountered another problem. Instead of being faced with religious persecution, they saw something much worse taking place in their own children. The longer they lived in Holland, the more their children changed and lost their English identity. They were speaking Dutch instead of English, and they were being absorbed into a different culture. That is when they chose to move yet one more time. But where could they go where they could find religious freedom and speak English? America! They crossed the Atlantic in the Mayflower and when the 103 people arrived, they began to build a new life at a place called Plymouth Rock in present day Massachusetts. While they were long on convictions, they were short of preparations for the coming winter. Because of their late arrival in the year, they were forced to scrounge for food wherever they could find it while trying to keep from freezing to death. The result of their efforts was that at the end of their first winter, half of them had died. So what convictions did they have which caused them to take such risks? That is the real heartbreak. The Pilgrims did not believe in witnessing, so they never tried to convert the Indians. They also believed in infant baptism, which resulted in trusting a ceremony instead of the Lord for salvation. While their courage and willingness to sacrifice is commendable, their beliefs were not based on the Bible.

FROM THE PASTOR’S DESK ~ Dr. Mike Holloway December 4, 2016 One of the most common emotions that people share is that of disappointment. As Christmas time nears, it’s common for people to look forward to a great Christmas celebration with friends and family and yet, so many will be disappointed simply because very few times will reality exceed our expectations. On this day in 1991, a journalist by the name of Terry Anderson was released by a Lebanese terrorist organization called Hezbollah. He had been stationed in Lebanon and was kidnapped following a game of tennis. He was thrown into the trunk of a car, taken to an underground dungeon, periodically moved from time to time, and held against his will for almost seven years. Three months after his abduction, his wife gave birth to their daughter. During Anderson’s captivity, his daughter was forced to grow up without a father, and yet because he was still alive, she dreamed of what it would be like when he one day returned. She and her mother were forced to carve out a life of their own, one that did not include her father, and then when she was seven years old, she was told that daddy was coming home. Hezbollah had agreed to release him, and Terry Anderson was returned to America, having become the longest held hostage in the history of our country. When Terry Anderson was returned, his seven year old daughter had created so many ideas and imaginings of what it would be like to have her father back into her life. And that is when she discovered that reality was nothing close to what she had wanted or imagined. Her father seemed to be emotionally detached. He didn’t act the same as other fathers did. She eventually came to the place where she wished that he would disappear and leave her and her mother alone. As she became an adult, she came to realize that her father was different because he had been an unwilling victim. And she now sees him in a different light, as a man of courage. Expectations. There is only one place where we will never be disappointed, and that is when we’re finally allowed to come home to heaven and meet our Lord face to face.

FROM THE PASTOR’S DESK ~ Dr. Mike Holloway November 27, 2016 Nobody likes a hypocrite, which is why there were a lot of unimpressed people on this day in 1895. Why? Because on this day, the filthy rich Alfred Nobel created the Nobel Peace Prize. The irony of this award is that Alfred Nobel was also the inventor of dynamite! He spent years trying to harness the power of an extremely dangerous and volatile substance called nitroglycerine. His most famous patent was the dynamite, but he used his genius to develop more than 300 patents, many of them linked to weapons. His family made a fortune selling weapons to other nations during times of war. So how did Alfred Nobel come up with the idea of a Peace Prize? A newspaper had mistakenly believed that he had died, and written an unkind obituary about him. His obituary described him as a killer of thousands of people due to his millions made by selling guns. When he read his own obituary, it was as if he was Scrooge having just met the Ghost of Christmas past with a life-changing experience! He was, a new man. When he died, his family sadly discovered that he had left the vast portion of his wealth to a trust that was to be used to recognize and reward those individuals who had made huge contributions to world peace. And this is where there is even more irony and hypocrisy found. The man who chose to dedicate the rest of his life as well as his fortune to peace, died as an atheist! He championed worldwide peace and yet died as an avowed enemy of God. And the vast fortune that was left behind has been used to reward some individuals whose peaceful accomplishments are somewhat questionable. One of the most hypocritical winners of all was Yasser Arafat, leader of the PLO which just happens to be a terrorist group! He was reportedly briefed on the kidnapping and murder of the Israelite athletes at the Munich Olympics and was responsible for a number of assassinations. Perhaps the reason why the Peace Prize is such a joke is because the only reason why it was created to begin with, was to make an atheist feel better about himself and his wasted life.