Bia Bar


Bia Bar

Bia Bar began because of the lack of great-tasting energy bars in the market.  Trent, the founder, began experimenting to find a nutritious and delicious tasting bar which lead to the early development of the Bia Bar. Pronounced b EE-uh, the meaning of Bia is Greek for spirit of force, power, and bodily strength. He realized that the Bia Bar was not only vital to his own health & exercise regimen, but it was also a delicious snack. Trent shared the bars with his family and friends who in turn requested he make them on a regular basis. In July 2013, he decided to begin to market and produce the bars so the world could have the same opportunity to enjoy them as many of his friends and family have.

You can order Bia Bars online, or in local stores like River Road Coffeehouse in Granville.

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